Grassley Has Major Surprise That’ll Make Schiff & Co. Spin Their Heads Even More

Adam Schiff & Chuck Grassley via DailyWire, Gage Skidmore and USA For Trump Compilation

Senator Chuck Grassley (Iowa-R) is stepping up to the plate! Additionally, he is NOT playing around with the Democrats and their weak talking points. As a matter of fact, the bottom line is, the FISA memo was released! Not to mention, it spells bad news for bad Democrat law breakers!

Coincidentally, it PROVES that upper echelons of the Obama-era FBI and DOJ broke laws with the FISA court. They used the secret court to spy on an American citizen. Senator Grassley’s concern is that the two government institutions had become “weaponized”.

Naturally, Grassley is concerned about the potential weaponization of the FBI and DOJ under Obama.

Senator Grassley, h/t Omaha World Herald, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that there are still many unanswered questions about the surveillance applications covered in the memo and that the committee will keep investigating.

Grassley said in a press release that neither the FBI nor the Justice Department has become a wholesale political operation. But that a few officials have “hung a cloud of doubt” around both of them.

“I want transparency and sunlight to burn off this cloud of doubt around the FBI. I hope the bureau and the department want that too,” Grassley said. Investigations, he said, should be about fact-finding and truth. Not undermining a political adversary.” As reported by the Omaha World Herald.

Equally important, MORE information is forthcoming!

On Hannity, Sean is reported as saying, “I’m told that we might have a as early as next week that takes it yet to another level…”.

Watch the video below:

In conclusion, if you are still reeling from the idea that the FBI and DOJ conspired against a citizen to spy on them, drop a comment below! And if you are looking forward for the newest Democrat spin, let us know what you think it will be!