Social Media Meltdowns Erupt After Company’s SB Ad Shows Wall Being Built

Screen Grab of WeatherTech's Super Bowl Video

WeatherTech is an American company and manufacturer of automobile accessories. Although they sell their products worldwide, they wanted their products manufactured, right here, in the United States of America!

Weathertech’s headquarters, showroom and factory are all located in Illinois. Smack in the middle of the heartland! Not to mention, on their website they have an American flag proudly displayed. And the wordsAmerican Manufacturing Done Right.”

Wait until you get a load of their Superbowl commercial! Thirty seconds of pure bliss. Coincidentally, the commercial features a wall being built! Naturally, this caused extreme melt down of the liberals on Twitter!

First, watch the commercial below! It’s only 30 seconds!

The Weather Tech twitter account blew up with positive comments about their Superbowl ad! And of course there were a few liberals who decided they would put their two cents in. The negative nellies were quickly brought to their knees by American loving followers of the great pro-America company!

Weather Tech started the ball rolling with a simple question and a video of the Super Bowl commercial.

They asked, “Did you catch our Super Bowl® commercial? See it again:

Let the tweets begin! And in true liberal fashion, it only took a few minutes for the RACE CARD to be pulled!

The liberal left were quick to respond with their automatic accusations of – wait for it – RACISM! Yes! They pulled the classic race card! There were several exchanges like this but we liked this one best! Sergio was first to the plate, with “I just tossed the couple things I had made by your racist company. I am sure you don’t care. You don’t want Hispanic or Latino business.”

Then Bazinga Girl, true to her twitter handle, zinged a fast one!

Simply stating facts, she said, “Funny how libs are taking this commercial as “racist” when it wasn’t the case at all…don’t worry libs, you’ll still buy their items, no doubt, even when you don’t know it haha…”

Ah! Another liberal…steps in where Sergio fell off!

MoMcT in an ironic tweet on liberal racism, gave it all he had…only to fall short! He said, “Very white male. Time to open your eyes to the rest of us. Won’t be buying this crap.” Wait. What? American made products are now “crap”?

Furthermore, what was he trying to say “very white male”? Oh my! Sometimes they make it too easy! See the tweet from Stormie, who said, “Very “white male” racist comment dont ya think?”

Finally, Ernie Burton came in with the final blow to polish the liberals off. Oddly, they stopped tweeting after Ernie’s tweet! See below and check out the response from an American who does not fail to see the irony! Ernie said, “Shhhhhh, you can’t point out their irony, they aren’t intelligent enough to understand it.” And just like that! The liberals disappeared!

American’s Stromie and Ernie hush the liberal race card talking point with common sense!

The good news is that there were hundreds of supportive comments like the one below.

Tom Grant, simply stated, “best ad tonight”. Not to mention, the positive comments FAR outweighed the liberals who found “racism” where none existed!

If you are thrilled to see this pro-America company take a stand for THE WALL. Comment below!