DREAMER Makes Stunning Admission About Pres Trump’s Immigration Plan

Hilario Yanez and President Trump. Courtesy of FOX Screen Grab, New York Daily News and USA for Trump Compilation

President Trump has taken a hard-line stance on the issue of illegal immigration, and is more than determined to put an end to it. As stated in his address last night, which can be seen HERE, Trump is most worried about the criminals and gang members who are breaking in our country, and he wants to close those loopholes that allow them to do so.

Most of his immigration proposals don’t line up with those of his opposition, as Democrats are working tooth and nail to protect those who are in our country illegally, so much, they were willing to shut the government down 3 days to prove it. Critics suggest Democrat motivation for Dreamers is strictly in their best interest due to the fact that they think majority of the 800,000 or more who could become citizens, could also become Democrat voters. But a recent FOX News interview with a Dreamer shows signs of the complete opposite. (VIDEO BELOW)

The only problem with the notion that President Trump doesn’t want Dreamers to become citizens is false. Trump has openly stated he does want a path to citizenship for Dreamers, but his main stipulation for it to happen is for his “Wall” to happen as well.

Democrats won’t bend and would rather illegal immigrants continue to pour in America. However, there are several Dreamers who, in fact, side with Trump’s immigration policy, including THE WALL, and think that Democrats are actually doing nothing for them. FOX was able to get a Dreamer named Hilario Yanez to come on FOX & Friends to discuss his thoughts on President Trump’s immigration policies and what Yanez said was quite stunning. Check it out:

Yanez thanked Donald Trump for his “leadership, compassion and courage” to take on the issue of DACA. He is grateful that the President is fighting to make a difference in his life. As far as the border is concerned, Yanez believes we should have stronger border security so this “doesn’t happen again” and added “if a wall is necessary to add an extra layer for border patrol to do their job in a safe and responsible matter, then I think it’s necessary to fund it.

Wow! This Statement Is Probably Driving Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Nuts!

Most mainstream sources and Democrats want Americans to believe the narrative that Trump’s immigration proposals including a wall, are racist-based. But the more and more we hear from people, like Yanez, who are actually affected by immigration, it’s clear President Trump is only trying to protect the American people.

To hear Pelosi blame President Trump’s proposed wall on racism, CLICK HERE.

What do you think about what Hilario Yanez said about President Trump’s immigration policies? Do you think there are many other Dreamers with the same thought pattern? Scroll down below and let us know what you think about this article!