Tucker Dissects The Dossier Down To The GRITTY Piece Of Dirt That Started It All

Tucker Carlson on the lack of legitimacy of the Trump dossier. Photo credit to Fox news screen capture by US4Trump.Tucker Carlson on the lack of legitimacy of the Trump dossier. Photo credit to Fox news screen capture by US4Trump.

Tucker Carlson made a statement late last night. And he is asking the American people to ask themselves a very pointed question. He said that the Steele dossier is “absurd”. And then asks the American people to read it.

Tucker also mentions that it is extremely partisan and highly unlikely, while liberal mainstream media is busy telling people that Christopher Steele is a legitimate unbiased and trustworthy source.

The mainstream media has to prop up the dossier because otherwise, they would not be able to say the dossier had “legs” and therefore the FISA warrant was legit.

See Tucker’s tweet below:

“The Steele dossier is absurd. Take 10 minutes & read it yourself. It’s online. Ask yourself as you do: who would believe something like this? It’s so transparently partisan and unlikely. ….Yet this is the doc the FBI used to justify spying on American citizens.

American’s standing up for Tucker and President Trump.

One twitter user said that the dossier has been proven 60% true and “Padres and Politics” stepped in to squash the lefties logic.

“That is not to say I believe the dossier to be gospel, but Steele does not present it as such. He reports on intelligence and sourcing, largely without conclusion. Bias is not intrinsic to the document. Nor is flavor. It reads like a warrantee label…so boring.”

Then a user by the name of “Kristin” gets to the basic fact that the Dems have to try and prove the dossier legitimate or they are in REAL trouble! Padres and Politics said the following:

“The problem it was used to spy on Americans. They better hope every word is true or huge problems will arise. Even the FBI labeled it as partisan opposition research.”

See tweets below:


The link to the dossier is here. To see more of Tucker click here. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think!