Prison Door Creaks Open After Discovery Of CRIMINAL ACT By Dossier-Connected Official

Bruce Ohr and Prison Cell To Depict Criminal Offense That Was Just Discovered by Investigative Reporter. Compilation Credit: Conservative Treehouse, NY Daily News, USA for Trump Compilation

Thank goodness for real investigative reporters! Our latest journalistic talent comes from the Daily Caller.

Luke Rosiak has been in D.C. since 2010 and has been making contacts in and around Capitol Hill for years. And what he just discovered is an EXCLUSIVE BLOCKBUSTER.

Bruce Ohr was demoted to the HR Department from Associate Deputy AG. Was that enough, though?

Luke obtained Bruce Ohr’s Public Financial disclosure form. And what he found out is worth up to FIVE YEARS OF JAIL TIME. Click here to see the document. And note, there is no Fusion GPS listed on this legal document! In Luke’s exclusive report he makes these three main points. To read it in full, click here.

* Justice Department official Bruce Ohr did not disclose Fusion GPS was paying his wife.

* Ohr was demoted from his post after the information emerged.

* Willfully falsifying government ethics documents can result in jail time.

Rosiak goes on to say on Twitter:

“As a top attorney Ohr would have known well that there would be at least the perception of conflict of interest, and that he’d be required to discuss this with his boss. And to recuse from anything related. He did the opposite it all of this.”

And then tweeted the reveal!

“Former deputy associate attorney general Bruce Ohr has been demoted for concealing his conflict of interest from supervisors. But lying on conflict of interest forms comes with criminal penalties up to 5 years in prison.” SEE TWEET BELOW.

Nellie And Bruce HIDE GPS Fusion’s Dirty Money. Can you say, Jail time?!

At this point, we know that Fusion GPS was hired by the DNC to find “dirt” on Trump. We also know, that Nellie Ohr was paid by Fusion GPS in an unknown role in the “dossier”. Then her husband, Bruce, introduced the dossier to the FBI. Who then used it to obtain a FISA warrant to illegally spy on an American citizen.

Thanks to Luke, investigative reporter, we also now know that Nellie and Bruce failed to disclose those payments to the DOJ. What does all of this mean? It appears that a law has been broken which carries with it not only jail time but also a hefty $50,000 fine! Essentially, it is LYING by omission. This is what a D.C. attorney had to say about it per Luke in his EXCLUSIVE Daily Caller piece.

“Paul Kamenar, a Washington, D.C., public policy lawyer experienced in executive branch ethics and disclosure laws, said, “Based on my reading of the regulations and disclosure guide accompanying the form, he failed to disclose the source of his wife’s income on line 4 by not including the ‘name of the employer.’”

“The law provides that whoever ‘knowingly and willfully’ fails to file information required to be filed on this report faces civil penalties up to $50,000 and possible criminal penalties up to one year in prison under the disclosure law and possibly up to five years in prison under 18 USC 1001.”

The house of cards is tumbling down. It won’t be long now until the Inspector General’s report is revealed. Additionally, if more and more of these types of illegal operations which are being revealed were occurring during the crooked Obama-era reign. It won’t be long before we see them hauled in for questioning and then indictments being handed out!

In ending, do you think this will be the first indictment of many more to come? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think about this exclusive development!