After Pelosi Doubles Down, Michelle Malkin Lays The SMACKDOWN

Image Source: Left-Screen shot. Right-Politifeed. Edited & Collaborated by USA 4 Trump

Nancy Pelosi is going across the country to various Town Halls while trying to sell voters the idea that the GOP Tax Bill is BAD for the middle class. And Michelle Malkin is breaking it down!

In her mind, telling people she thinks giving tax cuts to Americans is “unpatriotic.” Good luck with that Nancy! (VIDEO BELOW)

While every Democrat voted against middle class tax cuts, the polls indicate that a majority of Americans, clearly, are enjoying their Armageddon bread crumbs!

Michelle Malkin, who hosts CR-TV pointed out that Nancy has escalated herself to the level of “beltway barnacle.”

“The crumbs comment, I didn’t think that she could do any worse that that. And now she’s doubled down! Also, I think it’s interesting, that the class warfare card is which is SO worn and torn. But still, it’s the only thing these Democrats have left to cling so bitterly to.” Michelle Malkin said.

During the Town Hall, Nancy actually called upon God and said that she didn’t think God intended some people to be wealthy and some to live in poverty. (VIDEO BELOW)

A person in the crowd asked her, “What is your net worth, Nancy?” (The Fox host mentioned that the Pelosi family is worth up to $100,000,000.00.) Then Malkin laid the SMACK DOWN.

“This is about a beltway barnacle who has parlayed all of her years as an entrenched incumbent into a massive amount of personal wealth.” (VIDEO BELOW)

To see more of the hilarious tactic the left has taken with Pelosi at the helm then click here! Drop a comment below if you think the Dem narrative of “Armageddon, Crumbs and Unpatriotic” is just funny!