WARNING SHOT: Levin Grabs Socialism’s Evil By The Horns & Puts It On FULL BLAST

Walter Williams and Mark Levin tore up the airwaves last night at 10 p.m. on Fox News! And what a fact filled hour it was! The name of the show is aptly named, “Life, Liberty & Levin”.

These two patriotic Americans are think-tank intellectual’s and constitutional scholars! Both with resumes that would impress even the fussiest of scholars!

The Theme of LIFE, LIBERTY and LEVIN

Sunday night’s show was filled with facts about our Constitution and which way the winds have been blowing in this country. Likewise, the full episode is available below for those of you who are truly hard core and want to listen to these two brainy gentlemen! The most important take-a-way from the show is below:

What is Socialism/Communism? What is FREEDOM?

Levin began with commenting how the Socialists are out there pushing free College to our higher ed students. And Bernie Sanders was openly peddling Socialism or Communism, yet it wasn’t called THAT. This led to a brilliant statement by Williams! (Video Below)

William’s said:

Socialism or communism is Government ownership and/or CONTROL over the MEANS OF PRODUCTION. And, in that sense, we have a lot of socialism already in our Country. And, we find people asking for MORE of it.”

“But, if you look around the world. And, you ask…in what Countries are people better off? Let’s say you have a higher per capita of income. And that is, if you can rank Countries, toward Countries on the FREE MARKET end (towards it) and then Countries on the Socialist end of the spectrum. You’ll find that Countries toward the FREE MARKET end, the people are RICHER.

“Also, there’s something else that is rather remarkable. If you rank Countries, according to FREEDOM HOUSE or AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. You find GREATER PROTECTIONS OF PERSONAL LIBERTY towards those Countries on the FREE MARKET CAPITALIST end of the economic spectrum.

“And if you want to find POVERTY and ABUSE and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, you find them in the Socialist/Communist Countries all over the world.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch the video below. Slide video bar to the 14:49 minute mark or feel free, to listen in full! 

Do you like your FREEDOM?

If you answered, with a resounding YES. Then what can you DO about it? VOTE REPUBLICAN in the 2018 Mid-Terms, for starters!  Let’s fight for freedom and liberty and the best way is vote IN Republican candidates who will vote in D.C. with our President’s agenda to bring America back. We live in a Nation with the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen! Let’s rev her up and put her on BLAST!

In ending, click here to read more on Levin’s support of President Trump. Do you want to help save America and return her to her former values of freedom and liberty? Drop a comment below and let us know!