TRUMP IS RIGHT: Resurfaced Article PROVES Pres Trump’s HERO Instincts

Image Source: USA 4 Trump-Jim Acosta TRIGGERED

Monday, President Trump held a bipartisan meeting with governors at the White House to discuss the recent school shooting in Florida.

There he talked and listened to the governors concerns and suggestions to take steps and measures from this happening again.

During the meeting, President Trump criticized a Florida deputy for not entering Majory Stoneman High School, while alleged gunman Nikolas Cruz was massacring students.

The President ripped into Florida Deputites for not going into the school saying, “I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon!”

However, most of the mainstream media and crybaby Jim Acosta from fake news CNN, took this opportunity to take the President’s comment and try to spin it.

Ascosta failed miserably when he asked Press Seceretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “When the President said earlier today that he would have run into the school, was he suggesting that he could have saved the day?” Read more about that HERE.

Actually, YES! President Trump would SAVE THE DAY Little Jimmy, and here’s why:

From Inquisitr:

Trump allegedly was en route to a Paula Abdul concert in 1991 when Trump ordered his limo driver to pull over upon witnessing “a big guy with a big bat” hitting another man. Trump was quoted as telling the reporter that he was “not looking to play this thing up,” with Trump claiming he was surprised that the journalist found out about the event.

Trump was reportedly with Marla Maples during the incident, who tried to get Donald to not leave his black stretch limousine that fateful Monday night in Manhattan by tugging at his arm. However, somebody in the limo had allegedly alerted Trump’s attention to the ongoing attack by saying, “Gee, look at that, it’s a mugging.”

Trump reportedly told his driver to stop because the attack “was brutal-looking.” The article claims that Trump was reluctant to bring attention to Trump’s “daredevil deed,” but ended up spilling the beans about the bat-wielding guy looking directly at Trump as The Donald reportedly told him to put down he bat. Trump said the guy told him, “Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Trump then claimed he retorted that the guy must have done something wrong, because he was allegedly ”whacking a guy with a bat.” After talking with Trump, the man allegedly ran away around 8 p.m. that Monday evening, before Trump and Maples made their way through the Lincoln Tunnel headed to the Meadowlands in New Jersey. (SEE BELOW)

Here is a clearer version:

Image Source: Reddit

Yep! He didn’t cower behind a car, like a Broward Co. deputy. He sprang into action and stopped the mugging!

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