James Woods RIPS Away Pelosi’s Mask EXPOSING Her True Identity To Dreamers

Image Source: TMZ, Twitter. Edited and Calibrated by USA 4 Trump

President Trump trolled Democratic lawmakers Tuesday morning over their inability to work out a deal on DACA.

He slammed their blatant inaction, asking: “Where are you?”

The Trump administration announced in September that DACA would expire on March 5, while President Trump also called for Congress to come up with a legislative fix for those who it would have protected.

Democrats have rejected a proposal from the White House that would include a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants as part of an immigration package, in turn for $25 billion for a wall and other border enforcement measures.

Additionally, the proposal would include ending “chain migration” and changing a federal immigration program from a lottery to a merit-based system.

“Total inaction on DACA by Dems. Where are you? A deal can be made!”  President Trump tweeted Tuesday morning. (Read More Below)

In another tweet Tuesday, the President accused Dems of “running for the hills.”

The tweets came a day after President Trump said the Democrats are “nowhere to be found” on DACA.

Monday, the day DACA expired, Nancy Pelosi (CA-D) tweeted the following:

“Dreamers have proven their dedication to our American community more times than anyone can count. These young Americans deserve to live with stability & without fear. #DREAMActNow”

Apparently Nancy who stood on the floor for 8 full hours to stand for DACA, didn’t really mean it after all.

However, President Trump wasn’t the only one to call out Nancy for her political grandstanding.

James Woods came forward dropping a TRUTH BOMB that is shattering the internet.

“You abandoned them. You were offered deals and abandoned them. You played politics with their lives. Now go find other ways to cheat at elections.”

Correct Mr. Woods!

Dems remain nowhere to be found, and President Trump generously gave them 6 whole months to come up with a solution, or accept the proposal. They failed plain and simple to meet at the table. It’s more than evident once again, democrats use people for votes.