Sarah Palin Comes Forward, Reveals Truth Behind Trump’s Tariffs CNN Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Sarah Palin has had enough of the scare tactics by the liberal media and the likes of Paul Ryan over Trump’s tariffs. The media, the left, and the establishment GOP is aghast at Trump’s tariff talk.

Why are they so surprised? Trump only ran on tariffs and has been talking about how we get ripped off on trade for over 30 years.

Yet the media still shows their phony outrage over America finally getting smart on trade.


POTUS isn’t starting any trade war… it’s been raging for decades and we keep losing.

People MUST understand our nation’s solvency and sovereignty are at stake here.

President Trump inherited this trade war, and he’s an atypical politician determined to actually do something to fix the problem. The Trump Doctrine involves finally enforcing rules and standards to level the playing field – which proves the wisdom of private sector perspective brought to the White House.

President Trump is consistent on tariffs. He’s preached about fair competition via tariffs for decades, so why all this feigned shock at his recent proposal?

No matter though, because middle-class Americans concerned about our industrial demise “get it.” And we see the heads exploding over this issue sit atop career bureaucrats, globalists and typical politicians who’ve done nothing to fix trade imbalances… which pretty much says it all.

Correct. When the people who sold us out start to panic that is all you need to know that we are on the right track.

CNN won’t report it because they are controlled by a global conglomerate.  The fact is the wealthy and the corporations made out like bandits with so-called free trade while the rest of us are eating the crumbs Nancy Pelosi throws us.

It has to stop before it is too late and that is the main reason we elected Trump.  It is time the media got on board and championed what is really good for America and not just for their bottom line.