Roger Stone Goes On MSNBC, Wipes Smirk Right Off Chuck Todd’s Face With Shocking Admission

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How many times has Chuck Todd jumped the shark? It depends on who you ask. Todd is actually pretty fair for MSNBC and he does a good job of enraging the left and the right.

It may be his aw-shucks good guy act or maybe he just prefers to play it straight, but don’t let that fool you – Todd goes for the jugular when he sees an opportunity.

Like he did when he had on Roger Stone to explain Sam Nunberg’s public meltdown.

Nunberg was an early advisor to Trump’s campaign and loves the spotlight even more than Stone and Trump.

Nothing wrong with that, we are all mercenaries hustling to forestall the inevitable – being crushed by the tech giants in Silicon Valley.

They have way too much power and need to be regulated yesterday. Did you see what Facebook did to Trump?

And other conservative news outlets? Look, if Facebook wants to be a platform then all are welcome.

If they want to promote some content over others they are a publisher and they need to be regulated as such.

This is so simple even the politicians in Washington can figure it out. By the way, both sides believe Zuckerberg has created a monster to divide the world not a panacea to connect it.

So what are they waiting for?

It is wise to go back to Zuckerberg’s earlier communications (when he started Facebook) where he is on record as calling us a bunch of suckers for giving away so much valuable personal information for him to monetize.

Zuckerberg is nothing more than a pirate, a two-bit grifter who sells (one may even question whether his terms and conditions are legal based on his own rationale for wanting them…i.e. if your intentions are to defraud, your contract is not valid) personal information and steals ideas (Snapchat, Winklevoss).

Regulation or breaking up the tech monopolies is good for America and they know it and that is why they are fighting it.

Twitter ain’t much better after banning Roger Stone and many liberal voices – they even banned one liberal conspiracy theorist whose only crime was publishing open source legal documents that are not favorable to Trump.

Back to Chuck Todd and how Roger Stone wiped the smirk off his eager face.

Stone threw cold water on the Nunberg and the entire Russian affair:

“Chuck, I’ve been accused of being a dirty trickster. There’s one trick that’s not in my bag, that’s treason,” Stone said. “I have no knowledge or involvement in Russian collusion and I don’t know anybody else who does.”


If anyone is betraying America and democracy it is the pirates in Silicon Valley who prefer monopolies to competition (unAmerican if ever there was) and who think they are above the law.