Rahm Emanuel Makes Al Capone Look Like Priest With Shocking Election Move Today

Source: Twitter

Rahm Emanuel is pulling out all the stops to keep his vice grip on Chicago ahead of the crucial fall elections.

Rahm is in trouble with residents of the city fed up with crime, potholes and general disrepair.

Rahm and the city leaders sold out the people with a series of dubious and very shady deals. From scandalous parking meter privatization deals to massive fraud in the city’s red light ticket camera program, Chicago’s leader’s have chosen money over the citizens for too long.

Rahm knows payback is coming and to stay ahead of the taxpayer revolt he is doing the unprecedented.

Letting jail inmates vote.

From ABC:

Volunteers organized the first jail-wide, in-person voting process at Cook County Jail Saturday.

Organizers said 94 percent of inmates at the jail are eligible to vote. The program is part of an effort to give more people in the criminal justice system the ability to vote.

Reverend Jesse Jackson participated in early voting in the hopes of leading by example. Early voting began last week for Cook County.

Allowing felons access to the vote is controversial and is a state issue. There are valid arguments to both sides of that debate.

But since when do we allow people to vote from jail?