Warren Just Embarrassed Her ENTIRE Party After What She Just Confessed On Live TV

Image Source: Video screen shot

It’s time for Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) to open up her war chest and TRY to re-claim her seat.

The 2018 mid-terms are right around the corner. (See video below)

Massachusetts’ citizens; however, are not letting her off that easy.

They are calling for her to take a DNA test to prove once and for all she is a Native American. Click here to read the details.

Wait until you see what she said to John Roberts, Chief White House correspondent when he asked her if she would take a DNA test.

John asks her in no uncertain terms if she would be willing to take a DNA test. Her response is just like a sad and tired politician. She failed to answer the question. (See video below)

Instead, she recounted how her parent’s met. And it is as if she took the story line from the era song of her youth by Cher -“Half-Breed.”  

She told a tale that her dad’s family didn’t like her mother. According to Warren, they were “bitterly opposed” to their marriage because her mother was part Native American.

At the end of her story, Warren claims, “It’s part of who I am and no-one is ever going to take that away.” It’s almost as if the TRUTH would not set her free. One thing is for certain, she is setting her family up as liars if she does take the test at some point and her results are negative. (See video below.)


Call Senator Warren’s office and tell her we would like to see her DNA test results.

We need to know if she is telling the truth or if she is just a liar. Click here to contact Warren’s office.