Media Hangs Head In Shame As Jose Altuve Reveals What He Was Really Doing At White House Visit

The mainstream media never tires of bashing President Trump, whether warranted or not, and we all wonder what they will do without him.

They will suffer from low ratings and boring telecasts because they will have to play it straight. No more lies and fake scandals and hefty doses of phony liberal outrage.

The media will have to report the news not make it as they did with the recent Houston Astros’ White House visit.

Looking for any excuse to bash Trump the media went nuts after a picture surfaced of the visit that they claimed showed a pissed of MLB star Jose Altuve.

Turns out they got it wrong again.

“I’m (standing) behind the president, probably one of the most important guys in the world,” Altuve said. “I can’t be laughing or doing stupid things while he’s talking. I need to listen.”

Correct. Will the media apologize?

Don’ hold your breath.