During WH Briefing, Sarah Single-Handedly MORTIFIES Obstructing Dems Trying To Halt Pres Trump’s Agenda

Image Source: Video Screen grabs, edited by USA 4 Trump

Thursday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sanders destroyed Democrats who supported Mike Pompeo for CIA director but now apparently deny their support for his nomination for secretary of state.

The President fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Tuesday and promptly nominated current CIA Director Mike Pompeo to take over the post. (Video Below)

During the briefing, John Roberts from Fox News asked Sarah, “The president’s response to Democrats on the Hill who voted for Mike Pompeo for CIA director, his confirmation, who are now saying they’re rethinking it?”

Sarah shot back accusing Democrats of playing “political games” with the nomination of Pompeo and suggested that their actions were dangerous to national security.

“It sounds like Democrats are trying to play political games with our national security and certainly with our diplomatic efforts, which would be a sad, sad day.”

“…And a disgrace to this country and a question every reporter should ask Democrats — what made them change their minds?” (Video Below)



Dems and the press are absolutely pathetic. If President Trump cured cancer they would still find a reason to make it bad. When will they give it up?