SAVAGE: Jim Just Got STEAM ROLLED By Trump Supporters In California & It’s EPIC

Image Source: Video screen shot

As the President maintains his busy schedule keeping his promises to the American people and making America Great Again, the President went to California Tuesday.

He traveled to San Diego, CA where he checked out the Border Wall Prototypes. That’s right. It’s happening folks. Another promise kept. (Video Below)

As the President inspected the prototypes, hundreds of supporters rallied in support of the President’s visit.

However, a rare video found floating around on YouTube has been found, and it’s epic.

While supporters where hanging out in Los Angeles, California showing support for the President and triggering liberals, Jim Acosta from CNN showed up.

Supporters got the chance to tell Jim exactly what they think of him and his network, and it’s glorious. (Video Below) 

In the video, “Baked Alaska” walks up to Jim Acosta and says hello, telling him that he’s a big fan.

Jim doesn’t seem too interested in making conversation. It seems as if he’s looking for a lead to run on fake news CNN.

But, as Jim is walking off, Baked Alaska gives him a surprise and turns his smile upside down. (Video Below)

Baked Alaska tells Acosta, “I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you do, and you’re fake news!”

Jim Acosta wasn’t expecting that one.

WATCH the rise and fall of Jim Acosta in 23 seconds. Jim thinks it is a fan, until the end. HAHAHA!

Way to go Baked Alaska! We would tell Jim the same thing if we ran into him.

Acosta gets steamed rolled quite frequently by the White House, and it’s even better seeing it from Patriots.