Humor Busts Out Of Mad Dog’s Armor & Makes USA Hockey Team LOL

The letter General Mattis sends to Maddie Rooney is GOLD! Photo credit to DOD, Fansided, USA For Trump Compilation.The letter General Mattis sends to Maddie Rooney is GOLD! Photo credit to DOD, Fansided, USA For Trump Compilation.

No-one can say General Mad Dog Mattis does not have a GREAT sense of humor!

During the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Women’s USA Hockey Team brought home the gold! And it was it’s first gold medal since 1998. Meet the Hockey player who made it happen!

Meet Maddie Rooney! 

Maddie Rooney, who “hardly anyone outside the Midwest had heard of. Rooney, a 5-foot-6 sophomore. But she made a team-record 61 saves, many of them acrobatic, in a 2-1, double-overtime upset of the Golden Gophers.” And she did the same thing at the Olympics!

In fact, her Coach said, “I know she has ice in her veins,” Stauber said.

In one of 29 saves during the  Pyeongchang games, Rooney helped bring the gold home along with her fellow teammates with this amazing defensive move! (Video below.)

Watch the Gold Medal Defense Move below! 

Maddie defends the goal like a true champion! Watch as the team and commentator realize they just won the GOLD!

Maddie quickly receives a hilarious Position Upgrade on Wikipedia! 

Soon after, someone gave her position title an upgrade on Wikipedia! Craftily stated, it changed from “Goal Tender” to “Secretary of Defense”.

Alex Faust, a Fox Sports contributor tweeted the clever change! He said, “Also, I love Wikipedia.” And then cleverly, posted the following!

The Position Upgrade catches the eye of the White House! 

Of course, it quickly changed back to “Goaltender,” click here to see! But not before it caught the eye of the White House!

Also, it caught the eye of Mad Dog General Mattis, himself, who really is the Secretary of Defense for the United States of America! Likewise, he responded in the most caring and light hearted way!

Mattis sends Maddie a letter! 

Josh Billinson, editor at the IJR (Independent Journal Review), was able to snap a copy of the letter and posted it to twitter with this tweet.

“Secretary Mattis sends congratulations note to USA Women’s Hockey goalie Maddie Rooney, from “one Secretary of Defense to another.”

You have to absolutely LOVE Mad Dog General Mattis’ sense of humor! Maddie Rooney, received a great honor and a life-long keepsake along with the gold medal she helped bring home!  h/t Smokeroom   h/t Alex Faust

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