Comey Runs For His SAFE SPACE After Hannity Blasts Him With Rockets Of TRUTH

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President Trump is wasting no time calling out his haters and DRAINING THE SWAMP.

Consequently, the Democrats are not only trying to cover their evidence, but they are also colluding with parts of the Government to help cover it up.

President Trump came out swinging Saturday afternoon slamming the swamp, fake news, and Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt.’

He sent out a series of tweets in a tweet-storm. You can read more about that HERE.

Essentially after President Trump tweeted, former FBI Director James Comey sent a message to President Trump on Twitter Saturday after McCabe’s firing. In turn, Sean Hannity responded by going on a tweet-storm with question after question for Comey.

Former FBI director James Comey tweeted the following to President Trump Saturday afternoon: (See below)

“Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon. And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not.”

Sean Hannity blasted James Comey with Rockets Of TRUTH:

“Mr Comey what did you know about McCabe’s leaks/Conduct? Why was the unverified and salacious dossier (January 2017) used as “the bulk” of the FISC application (October 2016)? Why didn’t the FBI verify and corroborate the Dossier? Did you know the Dossier used “Russian” sources?”

“Mr Comey, did you know HRC paid for the Lies in the “Russian” dossier?Did you or anyone at the FBI pay Christopher Steele? Did you ask Steele about the “Russian” sources he used in the dossier? Did the FBI make any attempt to interview the “Russian sources”?”

“Did you ask Fusion GPS owners if they corroborated the “Russian” dossier? Why did HRC’s campaign and the DNC funnel Fusion GPS’s payment (Steele Payments) through a law firm? What did you know about efforts to pass on the unverified salacious dossier to American media companies?”

“Mr Comey, Why were you writing HRC’s exoneration in May 2016, long before she was interviewed in July 2016? 18 USC 793. Is it illegal to mishandle Classified, top secret, special access programs and information? Was such information mishandled by HRC?”

“Did HRC mishandle such information by placing such information on the server of a mom and pop shop, stored in a bathroom closet? How many foreign intelligence agencies do you believe hacked HRC said server? What countries? Did Russia China, Iran, North Korea hack into HRC server?”

“Mr Comey is it a crime to delete e mails that have been subpoenaed? When HRC deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails was that obstruction of justice? What about when HRC acid washed her hard drive with “bleach bit”. What about destroying blackberries and other devices with a hammer?”

“Mr Comey is it illegal to destroy top secret, classified, special access programs information? Did HRC destroy such information? Are you aware Christian Saucier was sentenced to 1 year in prison for 6 photos (classified) that were on his cell phone from a US Submarine?”

Mr Comey, I know you are scheduled to be on GMA with Clinton BFF @GStephanopoulos. I know you are scheduled to be on @colbertlateshow and also be on @TheView I would like to invite you on Hannity on FNC for a full hour, and The Sean Hannity Show for 3 full hours. Will you accept?

These are all very good questions for James Comey. Do you think he’ll answer Hannity, join him on his show, or stay in his SAFE SPACE? Let us know in the comments below and share.

If you haven’t heard “BIG DON,” listen to the song about President Trump draining the swamp. We promise you won’t be disappointed. READ HERE to listen.

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  1. HANNITY IS THE BEST AT WHAT HE DOES.Comney will be hiding under his bed for a week or so… until Obama finds him and Jarret writes him a new tweet… or a script to repeat on tv… hes a puppet .

  2. What makes anyone think that Comey will answer a tweet from Hannity

  3. Comet is a pussy. He could never come around Hannity in TV. He would get his ass handed to him

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