Moments Ago, Rep. Gaetz Issued A Rallying Call That Has Team Comey Hanging By A Thread

Dr. Gorka interviews Matt Gaetz on Prager U radio show. Feature Photo compilation by US4Trump/Reuters/screen captures and Dagger News.Dr. Gorka interviews Matt Gaetz on Prager U radio show. Feature Photo compilation by US4Trump/Reuters/screen captures and Dagger News.

From Washington D.C., Dr. Sebastian Gorka guest-hosted the Dennis Prager radio show and interviewed Rep. Matthew Gaetz.

Wait until you hear what Gaetz said about the Second special counsel and how to investigate those who are incapable of interviewing themselves!

Truth vs. The Fake News 

Sebastian posted the news this morning on Twitter that he would be filling in for Dennis Prager as he is coming in from Australia.

Gorka tweeted, “if someone had told me just a year ago I would be guest hosting for the great

I would not have believed them. God is Good! Tune in today from 12-3pmET.   See Below

Sebastian interviews Florida State Representative Matthew Gatez LIVE from the Swamp in D.C.! Check It Out Below

Congressman Matt Gaetz was on with Gorka. Dr. Gorka started out with there must be “something in the water in Florida. People are on Capitol Hill ready to fight for the truth!”

Gorka then quipped that Gaetz has only been there about a year! And basically mentioned that Matt’s fight is strong on the side of truth regarding McCabe and the Second Counsel.

Matt laughed a bit then said, “14 months into this job, Dr Gorka!” And quoting Matt, in part, he said, we are “exposing all of these real irregularities. We still have a lot of work to do to get to the bottom of what happened with Andrew McCabe.”

Matt then commented, “they don’t believe that members of Congress have a right to see the report they used to fire Andrew McCabe.”

Gaetz then essentially said that the Mueller team and former Comey FBI are there to protect Hillary Clinton. And then, developed a plan to persecute Donald Trump.

Dr. Gorka then asked the pivotal question, “Are you a fan of having a second special counsel?”

And quoted in part, Matt Gaetz said, “Well, Dr. Gorka, I am no fan of special counsel. They don’t investigate crimes. They investigate people. Then Matt said it, he said “The only remedy to deal with the problems of the special counsel is to have a second special counsel.”

Matt didn’t stop there though, he said “if you don’t have one, then you will see what happened in Benghazi”

Also, he said the “the investigators and prosecutors…should be given guard rails and they should report to Congress.” Interview Below

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In ending, Dr. Gorka asked Matthew Gaetz, “Will we restore the rule on law, yes or no?”

And Gaetz replied, “Only if conservatives band together.” Then Matthew went on to say how important it is for us to stick together and Gaetz ended with “and we don’t allow our President to be railroaded”!

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