Sheriff Clarke HUMILIATES Maxine Waters After Unleashing A Trifecta of DOOZIES

Image Source: Left-The Angry Black Rant, Right-Democratic underground. Edited and Collaborated by US 4 Trump

President Trump went after California Rep. Maxine Waters in a speech Tuesday once again blasting her low IQ.

The President was speaking at the National Republican Congressional Committee. (Videos Below)

During the President’s speech yesterday, he took another jab at ‘Low IQ’ Maxine Waters.

And we will keep fighting for the change the American people want and they deserve,” Trump said. “The Democrats think they’re invincible. I mean, I watched this Maxine Waters, you ever seen Maxine Waters? A low IQ individual. Low IQ!”

“‘We will impeach him. We will impeach him! But he hasn’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t matter, we will impeach him,’” he said, mocking her frequent calls for impeaching him.

“The truth is the Democrats never have been more vulnerable because they’ve lost touch with normal everyday working people,” Trump also said. “Democrats haven’t learned, they still think the loyal citizens who care about jobs and borders and security are deplorable.” (See more below Video)

After President Trump slammed ‘Low IQ’ Maxine Waters, Sheriff Clarke also had something to say, ripping Maxine Waters in a tweet storm.

Sheriff Clarke tweeted, “In fact @realDonaldTrump was very kind in describing Maxine (Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag) Waters as being a “low IQ individual” The woman is a BUFFOON.”

Clarke continued by comparing Waters to James Brown.

“Empirical evidence of the BUFFOONERY of Maxine (Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag) Waters. If you EVER need a good laugh, Google Maxine Waters gaffes. You’ll be doubled over in uncontrollable laughter.” (See Video Below)

Then, he compared Maxine to Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son. (Video Below)

“People are saying that comparing Maxine (Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag) Waters looks to James Brown is an insult to The Godfather of Soul. Ok, they have a point. How’s this comparison then? Remember Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son?”

Additionally, he tweeted a video about Maxine. (See below)

President Trump is right. Maxine Waters has nothing on Trump. And, like the Sheriff says, “She’s a buffoon!”

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