Dark Cloud Over Brennan Intensifies As Hannity Releases More BOMBSHELLS

Former CIA Director, John Brennan is EXPOSED. Feature photo credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.Former CIA Director, John Brennan is EXPOSED. Feature photo credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

The former, corrupt Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan is a liar! All you have to do is look at his Twitter description!

Brennan describes himself as a “Nonpartisan American.” It’s not rocket science to figure out this tweet is anything, if not completely partisan! (See Brennan’s tweet below.)

Brennan was reacting to his Swamp rat friends being held accountable for their actions!

Brennan was unhappy that McCabe was called to the table for nefarious behavior! Sean Hannity has exposed that Brennan voted for a “communist party candidate.” And Brennan is being investigated for his ties to the”bought and paid for DNC phony dossier”!  (See video below.)

Ex CIA Director Brennan is now EXPOSED as a partisan player! (Continued below.)

Hannity first begins by pointing out that Brennan is now a guest speaker on CNN! Additionally, the rest of the leftist media simply “parrots” what he says. Clearly, Schiff’s job is done and now they have Brennan to do Schiff’s dirty work!

Also, “President Trump has been ten times harder on Putin than Obama was”, Hannity railed!

Hannity then points to some BOMBSHELL History about former CIA Director Brennan!

First, Brennan has admitted to “voting for a communist party candidate.” Click here to read the New York Post article by journalist, Paul Sperry.

Second, the House Intel committee is investigating Brennan! Additionally, they are investigating his ties to the “Clinton bought and paid for dossier” Hannity said.

Third, the New York Post also reported that Brennan may have committed perjury! John Brennan testified just like McCabe that he did not know anything about the dossier. Sperry said, “In short, Brennan politicized raw intelligence. In fact, he politicized the entire CIA.

Fourth, John Brennan briefed Harry Reid on the dossier! The bottom line is, as Hannity mentioned “the Democrats have been LYING” to Congress and the American people!

In closing, Sean said, the former CIA Director is “dirty, political and corrupt as they come! And now, he’s lashing out because we are all finding out who he REALLY is!” 

Begin Video at 11:55 minute mark.

In ending, click here to read more on how Clapper is exposed! Also, if you are surprised (or not surprised) that Brennan is implicated in the dossier, then drop a comment below!