OUCH! What Hannity Just Nicknamed Jeff Zucker Will Haunt Him For The Rest Of His Life

Image Source: Video screen shots. Edited by USA 4 TRUMP

Sean Hannity blasted CNN President Jeff Zucker (the king of fake news) Thursday night, coining him with a new nickname.

This comes after their continuous, nonstop coverage of Stormy Daniels. (Video Below)

The “fake news” cable outlet who was previously named by Sean Hannity, “the “s**t-hole network” has now named Jeff Zucker “the porn king.”

And rightfully so, Zucker deserves it. 24/7 Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Hannity started with a graphic behind him, featuring a photo of Jeff Zucker with the words “King of Porn?” He compared the media’s coverage of former President Bill Clinton’s past sex scandals to the current coverage of President Donald Trump.

Hannity said, “CNN’s new obsession. And we might have a brand new name for their leader, their chief, their CEO. Jeff Zucker. The porn king of cable news. Of course, porn king Jeff Zucker over at the bleep whole network, they’re not alone in their Stormy obsession. ABC, NBC, also featuring saturated coverage of this story.” (Video Below)

“The same level of media interest was not present back in the early 1990’s when then President Bill Clinton was accused of having multiple extramarital affairs and even worse, engaging in serious incidents of sexual misconduct,” Hannity added.

CNN has become tabloid TV. 100% garbage and fake news.