After Reporter Asked If WH Is Scared Of Mueller, WATCH Sarah Immediately Humiliate Her

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Wednesday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped to the podium to take a number of questions from the liberal press.

Once again, Sarah didn’t fail to disappoint. (Video Below)

The New York Times reported Wednesday that John Dowd, until recently a top member of the president’s legal team, raised in talks with attorneys for Manafort and Flynn the notion that Trump might offer them a pardon. Such talks, which reportedly took place before Manafort and Flynn were charged by Mueller’s team, could be construed as an attempt to influence whether Manafort and Flynn would cooperate with Mueller’s investigation.

The Times reporting, relies on three unnamed sources. Dowd is quoted in the Times article denying that he ever discussed pardons with lawyers for Flynn or Manafort. Ty Cobb, the White House lawyer handling Mueller’s Russia probe, told the Times he has “only been asked about pardons by the press and have routinely responded on the record that no pardons are under discussion or under consideration at the White House.”

This is all just more FAKE NEWS from the mainstream media. 

During the briefing the press brought up the Trump/Russia collusion narrative. They are absolutely obsessed with it. (Video Below)

Cecilia Vega from ABC news and Jon Decker from Fox News radio asked Sarah if pardons are on the table for anyone involved in the Russia probe.

Sarah repeatedly referred the reporters to the statement from Cobb and said “there would be no reason for me to have had a conversation with the president about that because that is currently not being discussed at the White House.”

Additionally telling them to refer to White House counsel Ty Cobb’s statement. (Video Below)

Cecilia asked again, “Can you say unequivocally that no one here has discussed pardons in this case?”

Ty Cobb “is the person that would be most directly involved” in any pardon discussions, “and he’s got a statement on that record that there’s no discussion and there’s consideration of those at this time in the White House,” Sarah said.

But, Cecilia didn’t stop there.

Cecilia tried again, but this time asking a dumb question. (Video Below)

She asked if the White House is “worried” what Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn might tell Robert Mueller.

Again, the liberal press is OBSESSED with the Russia/ Trump collusion narrative. That’s why Sarah came in, slapping her down and putting Cecilia in her place.


“There was no collusion, and we’re very confident in that, and look forward to this process wrapping up.”


The liberal press needs to give it up. They beat the dead horse day in and day out over the Russia nonsense. Asking the same questions everyday is not going to get a new answer the next day.

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