After Shouting Rudely At Sarah, WATCH Jim Immediately Get His Feelings Hurt

Image Source: Right-Patriot Fires,Left-True Pundit. Edited by USA 4 Trump

Wednesday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped to the podium to take a number of questions from the liberal press.

Once again, Sarah didn’t fail to disappoint. (Video Below)

Sarah took a number of questions from the biased press that included Russia, Mueller, the Wall, police officers and of course Stormy Daniels.

However for one sad person in the room, CNN’s Jim Acosta didn’t get called on.

As Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was exiting the briefing, little Jim shouted out a question at her, presumably upset that she didn’t call on him.

Shouting questions over all of the other reporters in the room is a common Jim tactic, and he consistently complains when he doesn’t get an official question during the briefing. Ultimately throwing tantrums.  (Video Below)

Reporters spent most of their time on Monday and Tuesday asking about the president’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, but that wasn’t enough for Acosta, who shouted, “Sarah, when is the president going to speak on Stormy Daniels?”

“Why hasn’t he spoken on Stormy Daniels?” he whined.

Sarah of course, didn’t respond as she was already on her way out the door.  (Video Below)

Then, little Jim criticized Sarah on Twitter saying she “didn’t really have any answers #dodge.”

“If you didn’t catch the White House briefing, you didn’t miss much. Unfortunately, @PressSec didn’t really have any answers. #dodge”

“Sanders said this in response to question about whether Trump was aware of $130k payment to Daniels: “Look the president has denied the allegations.” That’s not really answering the question.”



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