With The Sky As His Limit, Trump Renews The American Dream By A Handful Of Powerful Words

Image Source: Video screen grab

President Trump visited Ohio Thursday where he spoke about his infrastructure plan.

Speaking at a union training site in Richfield, he addressed the crowd, which included heavy machinery operators, at the International Union of Operating Engineers training facility. (Video Below)

“Anything we can dream, you can build,” President Trump told the crowd.

During the middle of his speech, President Trump declared that he “loves the SMELL of a construction site!” 

“There’s no better place to begin the campaign of infrastructure than right here in Ohio at the state of the art training site. They’ve done a fantastic job right in this building.”

“Where the awesome skills of the American worker are forged and revised. It’s true. I have been in construction and building all my life. I love it. I love the SMELL of a construction site. Right? There’s just something about it.” (Video Below)

Additionally, President Trump said, “You’ve got a friend in the White House!”

“Before, I said.. you’re going to have a friend in the White House. But, now I’ve proven it. You’ve got a friend in the White House! The President declared.

Watch Below:

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