Network Gets ROASTED After Dedicating An Entire Report On Bolton’s Mustache

CNN is CRUSHED on Twitter for their mustache report. Photo credit to Jeanne Moos, John Bolton Screen Grabs by US4Trump compilation.CNN is CRUSHED on Twitter for their mustache report. Photo credit to Jeanne Moos, John Bolton Screen Grabs by US4Trump compilation.

CNN, who managed to do a piece on John Bolton’s mustache, seems to have no end to their preferred style of journalistic nonsense.

After POTUS successfully names former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton as National Security Adviser, this is what CNN reports about: Can President Trump handle John Bolton’s mustache?

Seriously, CNN ? 

CNN’s style of “journalism” knows no bounds to complete nonsense! Who can forget their latest piece on the inside of the dog’s ear who looks like POTUS? Click here to read about that bit of journalistic integrity!

In the CNN tweet below you will see them make fun of Bolton’s mustache. This is the hard hitting reporting style that CNN has completely disgraced themselves with!

Check the tweet down below and WOW the roasting CNN took for this is awesome! For your enjoyment, we have placed the best responses below! See Tweets Below!

“Can President Trump handle John Bolton’s mustache? The incoming national security adviser’s look has caused quite a stir on the internet.

Ragnar didn’t skip a beat when he quickly responded to CNN with “Hard-hitting journalism, CNN. “Can the president handle a mustache.” Gather round folks, let’s find the answers to the world’s most important questions.”

Philly jumped right in and reminded everyone of the “two scoops” reporting that CNN is entrusted with! He said, “Pulitzer Prize winning journalism! Can’t decide if this story or Trump getting 2 scoops of ice cream should win it this year.” And for your enjoyment, we have posted “two scoops”. Video Below

Additionally, leave it to our brave veterans to remark! This is classic! Vets Park said, “ Do you ever feel bad about depositing your paycheck?” LOL! And Vets Park followed up with a second punch down saying, “Quite a scoop you got there. Bravo !” (Video Below.)

In ending, Steven laid down a photo meme. It needs no words!


As with the typical style of CNN to report on the President of the United States, for chocolate cake, two scoops of ice cream and cheese burgers. This fascination with Donald Trump and his culinary habits that CNN seems to have come to fame with the “Two Scoops” story.

Watch the video below: 

Seriously, CNN – it’s time to upgrade your coverage of the President. Although, It’s good to see you have moved passed food and onto mustaches. It’s absolutely NO WONDER no-one watches CNN. As we all know, CNN fell to #24 according to Newsweek!

In closing, drop a comment below and let us know what you think of nonsense CNN is reporting these days! Also, do you think they messed with the WRONG guy? Can you believe they are trying to go after JOHN BOLTON?!