Dennis Rodman Slam Dunks NOKO With An Easter Wkend Trump Challenge For The Ages

Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un via Screen Grabs

Dennis Rodman, former NBA star, and his trips to NOKO are no secret ! He has been vying for peace for a couple of years! USA Today reported in an exclusive, “The 56-year-old has made several trips to North Korea and, as recently as December, had urged Trump to let him travel to North Korea as a peace envoy.”

Apparently, Dennis and Kim go way back!

Fox News reported, “The NBA star returned twice more in 2013 and again in January 2014 for a basketball game with the dictator to celebrate Kim birthday. Rodman returned mostly recently to North Korea in June, saying he is “just trying to open doors.”

Wait until you see the hilarious tweet Rodman put out into the twitterverse!

Rodman displayed a photo of Rocket Man sporting a, “Make America Great Again” red ball cap!

First, on a serious note! (See tweet below.) 

Dennis Rodman is reacting to the news recently that South Korean National Security Adviser, Chung Eui Yong, has stated that Kim Jong Un of North Korea wants to talk peace with President Trump in May! (MORE below.)

On a side note. Check out slouching CNN Jim Acosta cocking his neck down in a position of submissiveness as the SOKO leader speaks! The camera crew finally cut away from attention hog Acosta! ( See video below.)

The thought that NOKO wants to meet with the United States on the very serious subject of denuclearization is definitely Nobel Peace Prize material! And Dennis Rodman wants to get in on the action.

Rodman made a statement to USA Today Sports through his agent, Darren Prince.

Specifically, the Rodman statement was totally complimentary of POTUS and his administration!

Rodman quipped, “Big respect to President Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un for their historic meeting coming up.”

Then Rodman tweeted the most hilarious photograph of Rocket Man! (See Below.)

Additionally, Rodman had endorsed Trump back in 2015. Dennis wrote, “ has been a great friend for many years. We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016″

Rodman would go to NOKO with POTUS! 

“When asked whether he would have interest in accompanying Trump on the trip, Rodman told USA TODAY Sports, again through his agent, that he would “love to” if he is asked.”

OK, who thinks Rodman would make a great addition to the historic NOKO/American Summit in May? Or would it be a disaster? Do you think he and the newly nicknamed “devil incarnate” National Security Adviser, John Bolton would get a long? Or are you still too busy laughing at the MAGA hat on Rocket man?! Happy Easter everyone!

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