Ann Coulter Puts Differences Aside & Stands Up For Pres Trump and His Supporters

Ann Coulter, Twitter and USA for Trump Enhancement

Ann Coulter endorsed and voted for President Trump back in the 2016 election. And although, at times, she can be one of President Trump’s biggest critics, she also comes to his defense during times when he needs it the most. One example can be found HERE.

And right now, during a time where he is getting heat for trying to protect the southern border, the President has reached a turning point where he needs core supporters, like Ann, to stand up for him. And that is exactly what she has decided to do.

Ann Coulter has challenged the President to keep his word to seal off the southern border with a wall to prevent various criminals from leaking into the USA from Mexico. She can often be seen on Twitter updating her fans on President Trump’s progress on the wall with a sarcastic, “Miles completed yesterday-Zero; Miles completed since inauguration-Zero.

And recently, after the controversial Omnibus Spending Bill was signed, Coulter voiced her frustration with the President, despite the many positives that came out of the bill. As per the President, you can read more about what was gained from the bill HERE, where he destroyed Dems and the media’s narrative regarding it.

Since then, Coulter came to her senses and in an indirect way, made a statement that completely explains why President Trump is pushing so hard to secure America’s border: His best interest is with the 63 million supporters who voted him into office. And one of his biggest promises was to BUILD THE WALL.


Quoting an article where the New York Times interviewed an Israeli Legislator, Ann said:

“We want the state of Israel to remain a Jewish state. And this means sticking to the right migration policy.” – Israel legislator, NYT 

“We want the U.S. to remain American. And this means sticking to the right migration policy.” – 63 million Trump voters” See Below

For as small of an area that it occupies the pure hatred that it’s neighbors endure, Israel is one of the safest countries on the face of this Earth. And it could have something to do with the Wall that lies along the West Bank. The success of Israel’s wall is similar yo what President Trump wants to accomplish and promised to his 63 million voters.

Sure, there will be disagreements with how President Trump handles various situations. But no one, including Ann, truly knows what all President Trump has to deal with, nor could many of us handle the pressure. However, Trump continues to find a way to keep his promises to those who voted for him, unlike any other President of our time.

Securing the border is still one of Trump’s #1 priorities and it has so far been a battle to make happen, especially with the overwhelming opposition seen out of ALL Democrats.

Wall prototypes have been constructed and the President even got a down payment for the wall in the latest spending billing, which you can read more on HERE. So patience is key!

Was President Trump’s Wall idea one of the core reasons you voted for him? If not, why did you vote for him? Scroll down below and let us know!