Pres Trump Just Embarrassed Journalists, Pointing Out The Reason WHY He Wont Be Attending WH Correspondents Dinner

Image Source: Video screen grabs. US 4 Trump Compilation

President Trump embarrassed the mainstream media and journalists in a radio interview with Bernie and Sid Friday morning, saying that they [media] make up “sources” for stories.

In addition, he slammed the fake news on twitter Friday morning, calling them out for their phony “story” of A.G. Sessions being replaced by Pruitt. (Listen Below)

President Trump was asked if he will attend the White House Correspondents Dinner this year, or hold a rally, during the radio interview. (Last year the President held a rally instead of attending.)

The President said he feels that the press is “so bad, so fake, it’s so made up.” He continued, “sources say…and they have no sources. They are like novelists. I call them novelists. They make up the sources.”

“In many cases they literally make up sources. You know, ‘Nine sources within the White House have said…” President Trump mocked the fake news outlets.

“There are no nine sources. So, I just think that I want to get it straightened out with the press before I do it, so it’s probably pretty unlikely I won’t do it. I didn’t do it last year. I had a rally instead, which was great.” The President said. (Listen Below)

The President also said that last year’s White House correspondents dinner was “a massive failure.”

Right on President Trump!


Listen to President Trump on the Bernie and Sid show slamming the fake news:

Do you agree with President Trump? We hope he holds another rally.

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