Tom Fitton Pulls the Rabbits Out Of The Hat That’ll Discredit Mueller’s Entire Investigation

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Lou Dobbs of Fox Business invited Trish Regan to fill in for him on Saturday, and she did NOT disappoint. She had none other than Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch on the Lou Dobbs show.

Tom spilled ALL the beans of the corrupt Obama-era FBI, DOJ and CIA. This is the story of what Tom Fitton, America’s watch dog KNOWS, because he follows the FACTS. (VIDEO BELOW) 

Trish introduced Tom and they went straight into what is REALLY going on based on ALL the facts. Tom started with, “You know what strikes me? Is how IRRELEVANT the Mueller operation is to the real scandal that took place in two thousand sixteen.”

Tom did not mince words, and he went on to explain. He said, “You had the number two FBI director just getting fired for his conduct during that time period. [Andrew McCabe] And then, you have this top senior intelligence official using a cut out; a U S Senator to leak classified information.” Don’t worry – he tells WHO later.

As a reminder, Fitton says, “Remember, the dossier was considered classified. We asked for these documents just recently, and they are telling us they can’t even confirm or deny it existed.”

Then the JW President declared, “Now, they’re going back and looking at it because obviously, they’ve acknowledged it’s existence since then. But, this was classified information. And, obviously it was DIRT designed to make Donald Trump look bad.”  We cannot forget that it was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. (VIDEO BELOW)  

Fitton noted, “And, it shows you WHY the dossier is such a key part of the scandal. Because if it was a serious document, he wouldn’t be leaking it to the media through the United States Senator, Harry Reid, Mr Brennan.” Then Fitton paused to shake his head. As if the gravity of the information that Brennan was the then CIA Director for the Obama Administration was sinking in.

Still a bit shell shocked at the seriousness of what he is saying, Fitton continued asking, “This is just astonishing, that for ALL of this corruption, what is Mueller looking at? Whether or not Paul Manafort’s suits cost too much given his income?

Tom’s great attempt at humor to lighten up the seriousness of the situation caused Trish to literally laugh heartily and say “WOW!” A bit of levity is sometimes required to get through unbelievable times. (VIDEO BELOW)

Tom goes on to say, “You know I said that half jokingly, but I’m not too far off from the LACK OF SERIOUSNESS as to what Mueller is supposedly looking at in his deep sea fishing on all sorts of things irrelevant to the price of tea in China.” One thing that is for sure, America’s watch dog has jokes.

Then turning serious again, Fitton sums it all up. “And the in your face corruption that still does not have a special counsel. It still doesn’t have a prosecution that we can at least point to. It’s a real ethics and rule of law crisis at the DOJ and FBI given everything that is going on. And, now it looks like with Brennan, CIA has issues too.”

WATCH BELOW As Tom Fitton sews up the Mueller operation now that Brennan is implicated:

Do you think it’s a sad day for America when you find out for FACT that there was corruption in the Obama-era?

Not only with the FBI and DOJ, but now with the CIA? Drop a comment below if you think that with time all of the rotten eggs will be brought to Justice.

7 Comments on "Tom Fitton Pulls the Rabbits Out Of The Hat That’ll Discredit Mueller’s Entire Investigation"

  1. Thanks to JW, at least we have this much TRUTH. ALL who have participated in the TREASONOUS ACTIONS being revealed, SHOULD be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the Law. They have gotten away with it this long and I’m sure that some will escape prosecution, altogether.

  2. Would someone fire Mueller, SESSIONS,ROSENSTEIN

  3. What are we to do… seems the majority of all in Washington DC are corrupt!!! The one exception for sure, President Trump…he OWES no one. He gave his word to the American people and I believe every thing he does is to make this a better place…..God help us

  4. Bill Johnson | April 10, 2018 at 8:00 pm |

    With the corruption in the DOJ &. FBI we are becoming a third world country! Now we have to wonder which side the Army will support in this attempted Democrat COUP! I am betting on Republicans!

  5. CIA DOJ NSA has some evil compromised agents.They’ve to b cleaned out! Let them be charged according to their crimes

  6. Eileen P. M. Campbell | April 11, 2018 at 4:40 am |

    Mr. Fitton and Judicial Watch are a Godsend for we American Patriots. Obama was not only feckless, but he had so much self-regard and arrogance in his own intelligence that he got very careless… sure was he of HRC’s win that he threw our Constitution out the window. He will now pay the piper. Our POTUS DJT will go down in History as “Barry’s” worst lifetime nightmare! ?

  7. Sally Schmock | April 11, 2018 at 3:49 pm |

    When are going to jail Clinton Comey and get rid of all the Obama embedded rats in th white that are lurking in shadows US government ?

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