After Reporter Called Trump WEAK, WATCH Sarah DESTROY Him With COLD, HARD FACTS

Image Source: Video screen shots. Edited and Collaborated by USA 4 TRUMP

Monday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood at the podium putting forth the President’s message directly to the American people, along with taking questions from the liberal press.

Once again she didn’t fail to disappoint. (Video Below)

While the Press Secretary was addressing the press corps and taking questions, she addressed the ghastly news that everyone woke to Sunday morning.

Our President did not hesitate in responding to the HORRIFYING news of what the Assad regime has done in Syria. And, he let Putin and Iran have it too.

The President is not having any part of attacking innocent women and children with CHEMICAL warfare. And his new nickname for Assad is EPIC! Specifically, because it’s TRUE. He called him “Animal Assad.”

Furthermore during a cabinet meeting, President Trump fired off warning shots at the White House, and he will make a major decision to Syria’s fate in “24-48 hours.” (Video Below)

General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, “faults Russia on Syria, and won’t rule out US strike.”

During the briefing on Monday, CNN reporter Jim Acosta implied that President Trump has not been as tough on Russia as past Presidents. He basically called President Trump weak.

Sarah Sanders responded with cold, hard facts making Jim Acosta look like a complete idiot. (Video Below)

Jim Acosta asked Sarah, “Just because you’ve been saying this over the last couple weeks that nobody has been tougher on Russia and Vladimir Putin than this president, isn’t there some hyperbole in that? Obviously Ronald Reagan’s ‘Tear Down This Wall.’ John Kennedy put up a blockade around Cuba. Carter boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Obviously, there’s been presidents over the course of the last several decades that have been tougher than this president. Also up until recently, this president wasn’t willing to criticize Vladimir Putin by name.”

Sarah shot back, “You cite like one example for each of those individuals. Let’s talk about a few actions that the President has taken that previous administrations haven’t.”

“The Treasury Department issued new sanctions on numerous individuals and entities in Russia. The president’s continued other sanctions on Russia’s malicious cyber activity in response to election hacking. He’s expelled 60 Russian operatives from the United States and closed two consulates.“  (Video Below)

She continued, “The president has issued four statements condemning Russian’s poisoning about U.K. citizens on U.K. soil. He’s authorized the sale of lethal aid to Ukraine. He’s authorized military strikes against the Assad regime in Syria and has repeatedly called out Russia’s actions on that front. We’ve also exported energy to our allies in eastern Europe.”

“You named off one or two things. It is without dispute that this administration and this president has done a number of things to be tough on Russia.” She added.

Watch Sarah Sanders make Jim Acosta look like a complete idiot below:

BOOM! Don’t mess with President Trump or Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Once again Jim Acosta comes to the briefing with his biased questions, trying to bait Sarah, and loses again.

Do you think little Jim needs to give it up and stop trying to attack the Trump administration?