Dershowitz & diGenova Put Sessions In The HOT SEAT After Mueller Controversy

DiGenova, Dershowitz, Sessions Via Screen Grabs And CQ Roll Call

If this were a game of chess. And Jeff Sessions was a pawn lined up to protect to the King in a check-mate situation, the pawn made a totally wrong move and exposed the King!

Dershowitz (self-proclaimed liberal Harvard professor) and diGenova (former Republican US AG for D.C.) are calling for the removal of Jeff Sessions! Get the pawn off the game board! He is not needed and is doing more harm than good to the President of the United States of America!

On the Sean Hannity Show last night the liberal and the conservative power attorney’s teamed up. 

Both Alan Dershowitz and Joeseph diGenova are calling to rid the Department of Justice of the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions

They both believe that Robert Mueller openly committed “massive Anti-Trump overreach” when the office’s of POTUS’s personal attorney were raided.

diGenova says, “Mueller now has NO legitimacy. And need to be fired. Then continues with, “and for Jeff Sessions to sit there like a bump on a log and do nothing about it is DISGRACEFUL.” (MORE BELOW.) 

Dershowitz agrees with diGenova on this point. He says, “and i will take it one step further. I think Jeff Sessions engaged in WRONGFUL conduct by not telling the President before he was appointed.”

Then Alan continues with, “The President doesn’t want a part-time Attorney General!”

Sean Hannity and Dershowitz and diGenova all AGREE. Jeff Session’s was WRONG for not telling the President he was going to recuse himself! Watch the video below as these great attorney’s from opposite side of the spectrum see eye to eye! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

WATCH the video below and tell us what you think!  

Do you think Jeff Sessions was WRONG for not telling President Trump he was planning on recusing himself? Should he have told him before he was appointed Attorney General?

In closing, drop us a line and tell us what you think about Session’s recusing himself from all things Russia.