Sara Carter Unveils MONSTER BOMBSHELL That Has McCabe Tripping Over His Lies

Sara Carter and Andrew McCabe via Screen Captures

Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI, who was FIRED just days before his retirement, has been mentioned in the Inspector General’s report  released just hours ago.

Obama’s Andrew McCabe is officially a disgraced liar! Sara Carter released a tweet just moments ago with the details.

See Sara A. Carter’s tweet below: 

DOJ Inspector General releases report on fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe – he lied to IG, lied to Comey and reprimanded two FBI executives for leaks he had authorized Special Counsel to disclose to the Wall Street Journal. Wow! More to come.”

Also, The Hill reported, “FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday formally announced that current Acting Deputy Director David Bowdich will take on the role full-time.” (MORE BELOW.)

Katie Bo Williams with The Hill continues, “Bowdich was expected to take the post permanently. He replaces former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was dismissed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions amidst some controversy last month.”

Additionally, If you would like to see the Inspector General’s report in FULL. Click here.

Are you surprised to see Obama’s Andrew McCabe finally be called to the light as a LIAR?

In closing, sound off below! We want to know if you believe we are getting closer and closer to the TRUTH! Finally!