Pat Sajak Sends PC College Students Back To First Grade With Classic One-Liner

Pat Sajak speaks out on First Amendment rights. Photo credit to WUFT, US4Trump Screen Capture of UF Protest Against Shapiro.Pat Sajak speaks out on First Amendment rights. Photo credit to WUFT, US4Trump Screen Capture of UF Protest Against Shapiro.

Pat Sajak of the Wheel of Fortune fame, is quickly becoming one of the BEST twitter accounts to follow!

He is edgy and right on target with his pro conservative tweets!

With 180 thousand followers, he still has a ways to catch up to POTUS who has over 50 million followers on twitter!

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In Pat’s latest tweet, he proves to the world – he has jokes! Pat smacks down higher ed campuses who want to limit free speech! 

Apparently, Pat has been keeping up with what is going on in college campuses across this great Nation. The current debate seems to be over free speech and pronoun usage. (Continued below.) 

Campuses are debating, as an example, if a guest speaker should be disallowed simply because they have a conservative perspective. Also, the use of pronouns if being discussed. An entire dictionary of proper pronoun usage are in use among campuses nationwide. Click here for an example.

One thing is for certain, it is a higher education attack on the First Amendment and free speech. Furthermore, this fact did not go over Pat’s head – and he says something about it!

Wittily, Pat says, “Enjoying the new PC College Dictionary, listing all the words and phrases acceptable on today’s modern campus. It’s interesting, informative, and—at just under 3 pages—a quick read.” Read his tweet below!

The amount of fellow American’s joining in on the fun, is huge! One follower says, “So true. Unfortunately, seems a few snow flakes have melted around the edges over your review. Poor, pitiful little darlins.” And Orin gives Pat high marks for the classic tweet, saying, “You sir, are my favorite part of Twitter. 10/10.”

Not to mention, Robert joins in and says, “You must have the unabridged version, Pat. Mine arrived today – on a Post-it note.” Meaning, free speech on college campuses is severely impeded!

See tweets below!

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