Levin Rips Comey’s Mask Off And Reveals Why He Belongs In The Circus

Mark Levin joins Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends. Fox & MSNBC screen captures and enhancement photo credit to US4Trump.Mark Levin joins Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends. Fox & MSNBC screen captures and enhancement photo credit to US4Trump.

The circus has been around about 250 years in it’s modern form!

Moreover, Mark Levin has connected the dots to reveal exactly how disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey is bringing new meaning to the term “political circus!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Levin says Comey conducts himself like BOZO THE CLOWN! 

Mark Levin joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends earlier today. Brian begins the segment by thanking Levin from CRTV for joining him. Then Brian just says point-blank. “This has been a wild week! It’s the roll out of the James Comey series of interviews and book.”

Brian continues, “And Mark, I don’t remember anything blowing up on a person like this book is blowing up on him!” Brian then reminds everyone that, recently Comey’s No. 2 guy, Andrew McCabe has recently been recommended for criminal charges.

Brian then reminds us that the two are at odds with what they are saying about it. Then Brian asks Mark, “What’s this book tour doing for Comey and this investigation?” (MORE BELOW.) 

Mark begins the segment with a chuckle! And he says, “Comey’s like a bad rash. Ya know? He just won’t go away. He’s appearing on all these programs. And I expect he will be appearing on radar and sonograms very shortly.”

Then on a serious note, Levin says, “I think he is doing enormous damage to himself. He’s exposing himself to the American people as a very petty, superficial man. This is a former, head of the FBI. He’s the former Deputy General of the United States. He’s a former United States Attorney. He’s conducting himself like a complete BOZO THE CLOWN.”

Additionally, Levin says, “And he does enormous damage to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by conducting himself this way. People need to keep something in mind. He was head of the Bureau.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then Mark continues, “And his Deputy was Andrew McCabe who now has a CRIMINAL REFERRAL from the Inspector General from the Department of Justice to the United States Attorney in Washington, D.C. His boss, was COMEY. Comey needs to answer for this.”


In ending, do you agree with Levin? Is Comey’s behavior like the circus clown, Bozo? If you’d like a refresher to decide, watch the vintage 1966 episode below! Drop a comment and let us know if Bozo and Comey have more than height in common!