HILLARY HARPOONED: Fitton Captures More Clinton Secrets Exposes Them To America

281 pages of the 'deleted' Clinton emails surface from Fitton FOIA lawsuit. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.281 pages of the 'deleted' Clinton emails surface from Fitton FOIA lawsuit. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture compilation.

Does everyone remember Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails that were subpoenaed? Moreover, does everyone recall they were destroyed before they were turned over?

Furthermore, it turns out, nothing digital is ever really destroyed, despite bleach bit and hammers. Because 281 pages of them have been released to America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

First, let’s take a step back in the ‘way back’ machine for a glimpse into Hillary’s poor (illegal) judgement choices! 

Remember when a reporter asked her if she had wiped the server clean in August of 2015? Specifically, Hillary replies, “Well, like a cloth or something like that?” She was wearing orange that day. And a suitable choice it was. Prison orange. It goes well with her illegal actions! (SEE VIDEO BELOW.) 

Second, let’s fast forward to yesterday evening. Tom Fitton, Sara A. Carter and Gregg Jarrett all join Sean Hannity to reveal how the 281 pages of the recovered emails from the missing 33,000 will impact Hillary. On behalf of Judicial Watch, President Fitton sues under the Freedom of Information Act for the ‘deleted’ emails. (MORE BELOW.)

Sean begins the show by asking Fitton what batch of emails it was that he received earlier yesterday with classified information. Fitton replies, “Well, it’s a new batch of emails from the emails that James Comey’s FBI were covering.”

“They’re from the emails that Hillary Clinton tried to delete or hide. Those  thirty-three thousand. So this is the batch that Hillary Clinton and her lawyers didn’t want anyone to see,” Tom says. He also states there were ten classified emails in the new batch of 281 pages.

In closing, Fitton continues, this is a “massive violation of national security laws.” Specifically, he said, that “Hillary Clinton, knowingly engaged in.” And then asks the American people if this Justice Department is going to let Comey have the last word with HRC. And if she “did anything wrong or not.” (VIDEO BELOW.)


In ending, do you think we re getting closer to have the PROOF that will get Hillary on a stand in front of Grand Jury?