JEALOUS HILLARY: What She Just Admitted Proves Exactly Why She Lost

Hillary bashes President Trump's NOKO strategy and completely gets it wrong. Photo credit to US4Trump, video screen shot compilation.Hillary bashes President Trump's NOKO strategy and completely gets it wrong. Photo credit to US4Trump, video screen shot compilation.

Hillary Clinton commented on North Korea. And, as Patriotic American’s we can all be happy that Hillary is NOT Commander-in-Chief. In her haste, to criticize President Trump, she completely explained to the world WHY she lost the election.

The American people cannot have faith in a person who talks out of both sides of her face. And who is so far removed, that she doesn’t even understand that few actually trust her. (VIDEO BELOW.)

HRC says Trump is being played! (It’s hard to hold back the laughter, so why try?) 

In a segment on CBS Sunday Morning, Hillary rips President Trump’s strategy on NOKO and proves America made the RIGHT choice in President Trump.

Hillary says during the interview, “He’s getting played by Putin and Kim Jong-un.” Then quite amusingly continues to say, “I’m not sure he understands that.” If only, Hillary would have understood she was being played while selling off 20% of our Uranium mineral rights to the Soviets.

As one American said, anonymously, “Her critique might mean something if she hadn’t been an abject failure as Secretary of State.” The comment sums it up quite well. There’s just not a lot to add to the statement. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Hillary admits that she does not “see a plan” on North Korea. 

Hillary comments, “If we look at the country itself. We can’t do it in a vacuum apart from the world. You know, the situation in North Korea is very dangerous. And I think what we have had coming out of the President is not coherent.”

She continues, “He attacks our ally, South Korea. He doesn’t seem to understand or have the people around him who can lead a very focused diplomatic effort.” It appears, she is confusing her State Department with President Trumps!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then she says it! “Sitting here I don’t’ see a plan or strategy that I hear from the President and the General’s. I don’t hear much out of the Secretary of State.”

Newsflash, Hillary! You don’t ‘hear’ because you are NOT in the loop! And you are grossly incompetent on so many levels. Hillary completely botched Benghazi. And because of the “stand down” order, lives were lost. Shameful.

WATCH as Clinton proves exactly why she lost the election to an extraordinary leader like President Trump! 

Are you proud of President Trump and the way he handles the Nuclear crisis in North Korea?