After ‘Comedian’ Trashes Sarah Sanders, Mike Huckabee UNLOADS Taking Her To School

Image Source: Right- The AV Club, Left- Video screen shots. USA 4 Trump Compilation

Last night President Donald Trump skipped the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner and instead held a rally in Washington, Michigan.

It was a good decision on his part considering the turn out of thousands of Trump supporters who attended. (Video Below)

While President Trump didn’t attend the dinner, his female cabinet members were attacked instead.

“Comedian” Michelle Wolf mocked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the most vile and disturbing way.

The association needs to apologize to the White House and the Press Secretary. This stunt they pulled was completely disgusting, revolting, and disgraceful. They crossed the line.

President Trump came forward Sunday morning boasting about the rally while slamming the White House Correspondents Dinner. Then, he made fun of the “so-called comedian” who bombed, suggesting Greg Gutfeld should host next year. You can read more about that HERE(Video Below)

During the White House Correspondents Dinner “comedian” Michelle Wolf said, “I have to say I’m a little star-struck. I love you as Aunt Lydia in The Handmaid’s Tale.

With Sarah just a few feet away, Wolf continued, “She burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smokey eye,” she said. “Like maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s lies. It’s probably lies.”

“I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Is it Sarah Sanders, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Is it Cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what’s Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women? Oh, I know, Aunt Coulter.” Wolf said. (Video Below)

However, Sunday morning, daddy Huckabee came forward slamming the White House Correspondents Dinner and defending his daughter.

In a fiery tweet storm he said:

“The WHCD was supposed to celebrate the 1st Amendment. Instead they celebrated bullying, vulgarity, and hate. They got all dressed up so they would look nicer when they had a hired gun savagely attack their guests. Do they really wonder why America has no respect for them? Sad!”

“Sincere and heartfelt THANKS to @maggieNYT for having guts to publicly denounce the vicious vile attack on @PressSec at WHCD. @PressSec handled it professionally but I pray her kids never see that. I pray more they never bully another person like that.”

“Those who think that the tasteless classless bullying at the WHCD was an example of the 1st Amendment should never condemn bullying,bigoted comments, racist bile or hate speech. People should be free to speak but held accountable for it.”

“After seeing the young female hired to verbally bully anyone who worked for @realDonaldTrump I now understand why eating Tide Pods is popular. That level of vulgarity is best handled with a mouth washed out w/ soap. Have some more Tide Pods.”

Watch Michelle Wolf’s shameful act below: 

It took a lot of dignity, guts, and class to sit through what Sarah did last night. She personified professionalism.

We give her a round of applause for going to the WH Correspondents Dinner and taking the fake news journalists abuse like a champ!

We love you Sarah. Your beauty and professionalism shine through all the venality that the left throws your way. We are proud of you beyond words.