Moments Ago, Pres Buhari Announced Exactly What Will Give The Press Brutal Nightmares

Image Source: WH Video screen shot. Edited by USA 4 Trump

On Monday, President Trump held a joint news conference with President Muhammadu Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

After a working lunch, the pair spoke and took questions from reporters during the conference in the White House Rose Garden. (Video Below)

During the news conference President Trump discussed trade, defeating ISIS, immigration & borders, North Korea, and closing deadly immigration loopholes that are exploited by terrorists, traffickers and criminals.

The President also displayed his concern for the religious violence in Nigeria, including the burning of churches and the killing and persecution of Christians.

When it was President Buhari’s turn to speak he came forward announcing to everyone that President Trump deserves great credit.

“We congratulated the leaders of North and South Korea on their historic summit and we applaud them for the positive commitment they have made towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. President Trump deserves a great deal of credit for his statesmanly role in transforming so dramatically the course of events in that region.” President Buhari exclaimed. (Video Below)

Everyone around the world can see the huge accomplishments President Trump is doing. It’s a shame that the mainstream media still lies and won’t admit the truth to the American people.

As they continue to peddle their false narratives, more and more are awakening and swallowing the “red pill.” (AKA- waking up to the truth.)

(Video Below)

President Trump deserves a great deal of credit for his role in what is happening in Korea. Will he be awarded the Nobel peace prize? We shall see.

Listen as President Buhari drops a TRUTH BOMB and tells you what the media won’t.

BOOM goes the dynamite!

In addition to the meeting and news conference, President Buhari tweeted the following: (See Below)

Don’t you just love President Trump? Let us know what you think. Does he deserve a great deal of credit for what is happening in Korea?