After Reporter Tried To Beat The Dead Horse, WATCH Sarah Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Sarah Sanders pins the facts down during the White House Presser. Image credit to US4Trump with YouTube screen shots and enhancement with Sanders pins the facts down during the White House Presser. Image credit to US4Trump with YouTube screen shots and enhancement with

From being roasted (or rather torched) at the White House Correspondent Dinner this weekend, to being back at work, Sarah Sanders tames a childish reporter!

During Tuesday morning’s press conference, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was ready to field all the questions like a true professional. And she certainly did not disappoint us, America.

Standing tall and armed with facts and knowledge, Sarah lasso’s CBS’s Major Garrett as he tries to spin a false narrative.

Major was trying to make a typo into an earth shattering mistake from a presentation last night at the National Safety Council. Literally. A typo. He was hoping Sarah would fall into his trap.

Apparently, Major Garrett forgot who he was dealing with! Instead, Sarah answered his silly line of questioning and stunned Garrett into complete silence.

Major Garrett of CBS says, “Will you hold on, Sarah? You described to the NSC [National Safety Council] last night. You said…it as a ‘clerical error’. But. It was a significant editing error that has policy implications.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“Can you state from the podium what this White House believes is the current state of Iran’s pursuit of a Nuclear weapon? And, if it is in full compliance with the joint conference plan of action as the IEA [International Environmental Agreements] has said it is?” Major Garrett asked.

Sarah responds with a lilt of humor in her voice and says, “We think that biggest mistake that was made was under the Obama administration by ever entering the deal in the first place. The typo that you referenced, was noticed and immediately corrected. And, we are focused on moving forward on the safety and security of our Country.”

As usual, the question had to be asked a different way so the CBS reporter asks again, “You assert what that says….that there is no current program in Iran? And, that it is in compliance with the deal, at least as it’s negotiated?” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sarah who has zero tolerance for his game of ‘pin the tail on the article he wants to write’, responds, with a blockbuster of truth. She says, “Well, the problem is that the deal made on a completely false pretense. Iran LIED on the front end. And, they were dishonest actors. The deal that was made, was made on things that weren’t accurate. We have a BIG problem with that.”

“Particularly, the fact that Iran’s nuclear capabilities were far more advanced and further along than they ever indicated. Which is, if this nuclear deal maintains as it is right now, when the Sunset provision hits in seven years,” she says.

“They will be much further along in the process and…able to make a nuclear weapon much quicker than they’ve ever indicated before. And, that’s a big problem,” Sarah concludes.

Garrett suddenly had nothing to say. Sarah was once again successful at shutting the reporter down with FACTS. 

WATCH Sarah in action! Closing down fake news before it is printed! (VIDEO BELOW)

Are you impressed with the way Sarah handles this reporter?