After Reporter Babbles Ridiculous Question, WATCH Sarah Hold Back Her Burst Of Laughter

Image Source: Video screen shots. USA 4 Trump Compilation

Tuesday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned to the podium stronger than ever.

She’s a force not to reckon with. (Video Below)

During the briefing she took a number of questions from reporters whom all were evenhandedly slapped down one by one.

April Ryan was among one of those reporters, and this is just another example of why the American people don’t take “fake news” seriously.

April rambled on about some bogus question, and Sarah held back her laughter while shutting her down then moving on.

(Video Below)

April Ryan’s babbling question gets the answer she wasn’t looking for.

“The fact that millions of Americans came out and voted for and continue to support this presidency makes him pretty legitimate.” Sarah said.