After Reporters Challenge Pres Trump’s Authority, WATCH Sarah Leave Reporters In The Dust

Image Source: Video screen shots. USA 4 Trump Compilation

Thursday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped to the podium to answer questions from the crooked liberal press, whom were foaming at the mouth to attack the President.

The Press Secretary didn’t fail to disappoint. (Videos Below)

As Sarah answered question after question, two reporters brought up questions related to disgraced former FBI James Comey which can be seen in the video’s below.

Major Elliott Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent with CBS News, and Cecilia Vega senior White House correspondent for ABC News were both shut down by the press secretary with their biased questions.

The reporters seem to forget the answers Sarah gives, while relentlessly asking the same boring questions day after day.

(Videos Below)

Major Garrett, during Thursday’s briefing asked Sarah why James Comey was fired and Sarah listed reasons: LYING, LEAKING and POLITICIZING the FBI. Sarah then explained that President Trump doesn’t have to justify his decision. “The President has the authority to fire and hire.”

The Press Secretary praised President Trump saying, “he has been proven right in his decision to fire Comey.”

(Videos Below)

Next up to bat was Cecilia Vega who was also shut down after asking Sarah about Comey’s lying and leaking.

Sarah again lists off where and when Comey lied while reminding her that President Trump can fire and hire whoever he want to. “The President has learned every day since firing Comey that it was the right thing to do,” she exclaimed.

WATCH the TWO videos below:

“There were a number of reasons that James Comey was fired,” Press Sec. Sanders says. “But the bottom line is, he doesn’t have to justify his position. The president has the authority to fire and hire.”

Sarah tells Cecilia that Pres. Trump “has learned every day since firing Comey that it was the right thing to do.”

Sarah is the best at her job! GO SARAH!

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