Before Departing, Pres Trump Was Bombarded By Reporters & Sounded Off On Mueller Witch Hunt

Image Source: Video screen shots. Edited and Collaborated by US4Trump

Friday morning, President Donald J. Trump was bombarded by reporters before departing for NRA convention in Dallas, TX.

The President answered a number of questions in relation to Mueller, Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, North Korea, and Stormy Daniels. (Video Below)

President Trump is trying to ‘Make America Great Again,’ and the press wants to keep the drama going.

The President said of Hillary’s emails when responding to the press, “33,000 emails requested by Congress with a subpoena and they get burned, they get deleted, and nobody says anything. Give me a break.”

When asked about Giuliani, President Trump said that he’ll get his facts straight, while also slamming other networks who get their facts wrong.

(Video Below)

The President declared they have a date and a location for the North Korea meeting and will be announcing it very soon.

When asked about Robert Mueller, President Trump slammed the Witch hunt. “There was no collusion with the Russians. There was nothing. No obstruction!”

He continued, “If you fight back…they [democrats] say..’oh that’s obstruction of justice!’ It’s nonsense.” (Video Below)

WATCH BELOW as President Trump responds to reporters slamming the ‘witch hunt.’

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