Pres Trump Points To Member In The Audience, What He Says Next She Will NEVER FORGET

Image Source: Video screen shot

President Trump responded to an audience member while he was giving his speech at the National Rifle Association in Dallas, TX on Friday afternoon.

It was a rare moment, but also classic Trump. (Video Below)

The President was talking about how democrats want to ban guns and said, “If people want to outlaw guns, we are going to have to outlaw, immediately, all vans and all trucks, which are now the new form of death for the maniac terrorists.”

While he was speaking, one member in the audience yelled across the room exclaiming, “I love you!” 

The President stopped what he was saying and responded gleefully to the woman, “I love you, too.” Then, he pointed to her.

“Thank you,” he added. (Video Below)


“I love you, too.”

The President means it too.