GAME OVER: What Bongino Just Announced Will Make Little Adam Suffer A Nervous Breakdown

Bongino joins the early morning Fox crew to discuss Schiff's Op-ed. Image by US4Trump screen captures.Bongino joins the early morning Fox crew to discuss Schiff's Op-ed. Image by US4Trump screen captures.

Adam Schiff is a piece of work. He has literally been on every media outlet saying there is evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. Yet, managed to never ever produce the evidence in over a year. And Dan Bongino told him exactly what he thinks about it today!

It appears, no-one is buying Adam’s shtick any more. Including, himself. Watch as the Fox crew opens a copy of the New York Times and discuss the Op-ed written by Schiff himself, it’s entitled “Don’t Take The Bait On Impeachment.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Fox crew was up early this morning and Dan Bongino joins them to discuss Adam’s Op-ed. Dan tells the audience that Adam is a FRAUD. 

Ed begins by recapping the article. Ed says, “[Adam Schiff] says, basically, let’s not give people the idea Democrats want to ‘nullify an election.’ Hasn’t that been what Adam Schiff has been doing for over a year, now?”

Dan replies, “Ed, listen Adam Schiff is a fraud. He’s a fraud. I’m sorry. And I say that and I mean it. I know those are harsh words, but Adam Schiff is not a stupid man. This is a smart guy. Adam Schiff has access to information on his Intel Committee that you and I don’t,” Dan explains.

After Ed agrees with Dan, he continues, “He is known for at least a year now if not longer, that this collusion story with the Russians is a hoax. And, yet, he has gone on every media channel he can. Puts his make-up on and does his thing. And has said that Trump has colluded with the Russians.” (MORE BELOW.)

Bongino then says, “The only reason he’s writing this Op-ed now. I believe is because he’s starting to see that the American people, based on polling data, is catching on that this is a HOAX. And he’s getting frustrated. Schiff is a fraud. He’s not doing the right thing. He’s doing the easy thing.”

Then Pete surmises, “So – you’re saying – the guys – the Democrats closest to the information. Closest to the evidence, outside of the Mueller probe, are starting to realize: We’ve looked at it, it ain’t ‘there.’ We better re-calibrate otherwise it’s going to boomerang back at us for a false narrative.”

Bongino agrees, he says: “Not only is it not ‘there.’ This was a set-up.” Dan reminds everyone, “I’ve only been saying this for a year and a half. Look at the information. The Trump team was set-up, there were crimes committed here, Pete. There were leaks of highly classified information. There were crimes committed with the trading of classified information.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Dan continues, “In the Clinton email scandal. Those crimes needed to be covered. They had to set-up Trump to keep the attention on him and away from them. You watch. This is all going to come out in the wash. They’re going to be horrified, the Democrats – at the TRUTH.”

FULL interview below:

It seems Adam Schiff may be afraid he is going to be impeached! Watch as Adam’s hilariously hypocritical Op-ed is set to music! 

Do you find it amusing to watch Adam Schiff try to walk-back the Democrat mantra of “Impeach 45”?