INCREDIBLE: First Lady Melania Just Did What No Other FLOTUS Has Dared To Do At The White House

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In a stellar performance at the White House, our First Lady announced her new official initiatives Monday. Melania addressed the crowd where she emphasized the well-being of our children.

And just like our First Lady can speak five different languages, she decided to focus on THREE agenda items, instead of the expected one initiative from the past. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Melania is a true intellectual talent and achieves past our expectations; a true role model for ALL American’s!

The First Lady rolled out her encouragement to the children of America with two simple words to encourage and nurture one’s “self-esteem” and “mutual respect.” Her  motto is: “BE BEST.” (Read more below video)

The Hill reports, “First ladies typically choose a cause or issue to focus on during their time in office. Recent examples include Michelle Obama‘s “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage exercise and healthy eating, and Laura Bush’s childhood literacy initiative.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Melania is doing what no other First Lady has dared to do before at the White House. She has selected the following three initiatives:

1. Well-being Of Our Children

2. Cyber Bullying

3. Opioid Crisis

At the White House today, Melania revealed her three initiatives and states “Let us teach our children the difference between right and wrong.” With those powerful words, they are keystone to assist in the well-being of our children, stop bullying, and assisting with the opined crisis. Words that taken to heart can literally change the future of a child. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

In her address, Melania states, “Children deserve every opportunity to enjoy their innocence. Every child should know that it is safe to make mistakes.” She then calls on the adults of America to do their part and says, “And there are supportive adults and friends nearby to encourage them if they fail. We also need to be mindful that they should learn to trust in themselves and their own emotions.”

As adults, she says, “I believe our responsibility lies in the critical times before a child reaches adulthood. Let us teach children all aspects of their well-being which includes social and emotional and physical health.”

And with that she was able to segue into her other two agenda items. It is an absolutely brilliant speech by an outstanding First Lady of the United States.


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