Michelle Gets Struck With A Divine PAYBACK After Saying She’s ‘The Forever FLOTUS’

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Whoa! This is HUGE! It appears CNN viewers are loving our First Lady.

Could the tides be shifting?

In a stunning poll conducted by SSRS last week, “57% say they have a favorable impression of First Lady Melania Trump. Up from 47% in January [of 2018]. This is the biggest number [Melania] Trump has experienced in any CNN polling,” CNN reports.

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The First Lady’s favorable opinion rating soars 21% since the week before Inauguration Day in January of 2017 when her husband, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

It’s no secret that our First Lady is full of grace and her own style of dress that simply screams Jackie-O class! She makes it easy to adore her. (MORE BELOW.)

Additionally, Melania has a true heart of gold. She loves children and it is evident in the works that she has done for the military children and the underprivileged across America.

Moreover, Melania is graceful and resourceful as she works with a core staff of only four. She is able to organize elegant settings such as the recent first official State Visit for French President Macron and his wife.

Furthermore, a fun fact that simply cannot be ignored, Justin Curuso of The Daily Caller reports: “Poll: Melania Trump Is A More Popular First Lady Than Hillary Clinton.” And that my fellow Americans, is just delightful to see in print!  (Read more below)

The Daily Caller tweets the news of Melania’s enormous jump in popularity: (See more below tweet)

Our First Lady leads by her own example of being a caring person, who thinks of ways to reach out and help others in kind ways. Melania clearly shows this in the little things she does and it is a reflection of her heart and her true character.

We can ALL be excited to watch and see what she does in her future endeavors! And, we will see how quickly her approval ratings continue to reach the sky!

Image credit to Wikipedia.

Image credit to Wikipedia.

In ending, do you believe our First Lady represents America in a way that is bringing all sides together in light of the new polls by CNN? Join the conversation with a reply and subscribe below!