James Woods Hails Down Storm Of Facts On Obama Admin After They Condemn Trump’s Foreign Policy

Image Source: YouTube Video screen shots & Pinterest. Edited and Collaborated by US4Trump

James Woods was burning up twitter today and he was all over the Iran deal. James was swatting down leftists and teaching John Kerry how to best utilize Wikipedia!

James is absolutely hilarious, and right on target. Wait until you see the eulogy he left for Obama’s legacy! (MORE BELOW.)

James’ twitter storm of Iranian take-downs are absolutely hilarious! 

First, James just couldn’t help himself, and he responds to Ben Rhodes who self describes himself as “Obama’s foreign policy adviser, speechwriter and Cuba negotiator.” Well, that certainly explains why he was whining about the Iran deal being shot down today.

In a tweet, Ben says, “It took five years of diplomacy to build the sanctions regime and two years of diplomacy to reach a Deal. Trump is blowing that up with no understanding of what’s actually in the Deal, no plan for what comes next, and no support from our closest European allies, Russia or China.”

Of course, because the left does not understand negotiations, they make themselves feel better by thinking President Trump doesn’t understand. And James let him have it! Woods replies, “Guess you missed the news last week, Ben. Your friends in Iran are violating your ridiculous deal and secretly building nuclear weapons.” BOOM! (MORE BELOW.)

Second, it appears James was just warming up! And in a one liner he nails John Kerry to the wall! In a simple tweet with three words, an emoticon, and a link he decimates Kerry, “Hey, John Kerry! –>   It just doesn’t get funnier than THAT!

Lastly, in a moment of mourning, he references Obama’s legacy. And in the final and most hilarious tweet, James says, “Remember this? Obama’s entire legacy… #CashForClunkers.” (See tweets below!)

Are you glad to see all the support President Trump is enjoying for letting the Iran deal go?