Mueller Senses Brutal Defeat After Jarrett & Carter Slice ‘n Dice His Entire Probe

Image credit to US4Trump compilation. Left and Middle: Sean Hannity Show screen capture. Right: WaPo Screen capture.Image credit to US4Trump compilation. Left and Middle: Sean Hannity Show screen capture. Right: WaPo Screen capture.

Sean Hannity has a power team of pundits! On the Sean Hannity Show last night, they analyzed the Mueller probe down to the details that will end the ‘Witch Hunt’ once and for all! It’s happening!

Sara Carter, our favorite honored investigative journalist was there. As well as, David Schoen, criminal rights defense attorney. And Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst. And WOW, what they have to say will leave you with a smile and hope in your heart for this great Country! (VIDEO BELOW.)

It’s not just a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS. It’s also a “BEAT DOWN” to the entire Mueller Probe. The “expanse of powers” are possibly illegitimate! 

First, Hannity compares what Judge Ellis did on Friday during the Manafort case, to the scathing descents of the great Anthony Scalia (Supreme Court Justice). Moreover, Hannity says “this is a far bigger beat down to Robert Mueller” than anything Scalia had rebuked!

Sara agrees with Hannity and adds that Judge Ellis “taught everyone a lesson in what happens with expanse of powers.” Basically, the Judge was saying, “‘You don’t have full authority here, you cannot expand your powers to this extent’.”

Sara also lets us know that Judge Ellis reprimanded Rosenstein! Rosenstein and team gives the Judge a “75% redacted memo”. She reminds the viewers that Judge Ellis wants the unredacted memo on his desk so he can see if the Mueller investigation has gone outside of it’s original mandate. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Additionally, the team refuses to answer the Judge’s questions, Sara tells us. And she continues, “I think Mueller is in a world of hurt right now. I think he’s in a world of hurt in other areas of this case. And I think he’s KNOWS it!”

“I think what we are going to see is an unraveling of this,” Sara says. And she believes it will, “potentially change the whole course of this investigation.”

Gregg Jarrett adds, “it is gratifying to see the Judge pierce the veil of the SHAM that Mueller has perpetrated.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

And David Schoen rails that Judge Ellis is “not a political actor. He is a Judge doing what a Judge does. [And], he held their feet to the fire. He pointed out the exact regulation and issue here. [CFR 28] Section 600.4. What the authority is of the special counsel and what it is NOT.”

WATCH this powerful interview as pundits discuss the DOWNFALL of MUELLER’S INVESTIGATION!

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