What Nikki Haley Just Said Will Go Down In History As Day Obama Was Wiped Off The Political Map

Image Source: Left-politico.cd, Right-YouTube. Edited and Collaborated by US4Trump

Nikki Haley, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, was one hundred percent behind the ending of the Iran Deal. She has no problem telling the world how it is.

While she was attending American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank last September, the LA Times reports: “What I want the United States to understand [is] we need to wake up. Iran’s nuclear program is not something that suddenly went away but is hiding behind an agreement that everyone is afraid to touch.” That is until POTUS came along today and ended it! (MORE BELOW.)

Additionally, today when President Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal, Nikki made an incredible announcement! Nikki’s statement is below: 

“The President absolutely made the right decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. This was a terrible deal that only allowed Iran’s bad international conduct to worsen. We must never allow Iran to get nuclear weapons, and we must resist their support for terrorism that continues to threaten America and our allies.”  – Nikki Haley.

Earlier this morning, Nikki tweets that she will be speaking at a D.C. think tank today, the 48th Annual COTA: “Looking forward to speaking at the Conference on the Americas today in DC.

Additionally, what Nikki has to say while she is there will warm your heart. She allows everyone in the audience to realize that from a world perspective, letting go of the Iran Deal (JCPOA Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was the GREATEST move of all. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Nikki begins by saying, “When the United States fails to lead. We suffer. And the world suffers. This is even more true in our relationships with other Nations. There is no substitute for strong U.S. leadership. Based on our values of political and economic freedom and respect for human rights.

WATCH as Nikki gives an amazing world view of DJT’s decision to pull out of the Iran Deal and talks about the perils of socialism! 

In ending, are you glad President Trump keeps his promises